Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Super KO Boxing 2 free game download for Android

Hello people,

My weekend was such a huge fun because i got busy with this game. Have downloaded this game for the past two months now but i haven't tried it because i couldn't get the data of the game. So i subscribed to a Data Bundle Plan and downloaded the data of this game directly which i didn't regret doing. Its a fun-filled game with lots of actions and skills.

SUPER KO BOXING - It a Boxing game as the name implies but a "SUPER" Boxing game. The guy in the game got skills and swaggs lolz... A very skinny guy but he challenges the unchallengeable. With his super punches and combos, he knocks them down!!! The Circuits Competition got different opponents to take on. Both Big and Small, Aliens and Humans lolz. Lots and lots of FUNNY ANIMATIONS!

  • It got a competitive game
  • It got an Exhibition Play
  • You can check all your Achievements
  •  You can play the Circuits competition (am playing this currently :p)
  • A versus mode
  • and a Challenge Mode.
View images below:

  • At least a 800Mhz will do the magic
  • You must have at least 90mb space on your SD Card
  • and your fingers to rock it!!! lolz
Enjoy the Fun and don't forget to share this article with your friends. Thanks!!!

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